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Certified Integrative Health Practioner

Natural methods for health, wellness & anti-aging are my passion. After 25 years in finance, I switched to our most important investment….our health.


My personality and professional background drew me to a scientific, data-driven & results-based approach to body balance. I start by identifying the deficiencies and imbalances causing chronic symptoms. Body balance then requires a comprehensive plan for lifestyle, supplements, protocols, exercise & healthy eating. Each body wants something a little different & plans are fine-tuned over time.


My certification is from the esteemed Cabral Wellness Center in Boston. Through this program I have access to Functional Medicine Labs, which provide a much more in-depth analysis than standard blood tests, helping identify the root cause of health issues. My approach is comprehensive and holistic, although I often find that gut healing & addressing internal and external stressor are essential to body balance.


Over 90 days I help my clients build plans they can use and adjust over time to be well and age well. Each body is unique & each plan customized, but I usually incorporate these methods:

  • Orthomolecular: supplements to address deficiencies & optimize health and anti-aging

  • Ayurveda: herbs for detox & bio-balance

  • Functional Medicine: labs and data to identify vitamin and mineral deficiencies, toxicity, bacteria and yeast levels, inflammation and hormone, thyroid, adrenal imbalances

  • Bioregulatory Practices: eating plans, wellness & anti-aging protocols

  • Resetting Sleep Patterns & Stress Management

  • Gut Repair Protocols (candida, yeast, bacteria overgrowth & leaky gut)


Your health is the most important investment you can make. Enjoy the feel of body balance.

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