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Body Balance is about feeling energized, confident at a healthy weight,

and symptom free.  Your body is unique and it takes time (and data from labs) to

determine what balances your body. Optimize your health. Invest in you. Together

we can identify the underlying causes of your symptoms and customize a plan

you can maintain, so you can be well & age well.


BodyBalance Programs

  • Personalized Nutrition Plans

  • Health and Lifestyle Coaching

  • Meal Planning and Recipes

  • Managing and maintaining goals


  • Individualized Protocols for

          Managing stress

          Resetting sleep patterns

          Boosting and balancing Hormone/Thyroid/Adrenal levels

          Rebuilding immune system

          Digestive issues bloating, gas, acid reflux, irregular bowel movements

          Liver Detox


  • Functional Medicine Labs to determine imbalances and deficiencies


          Gut Health – Yeast/Bacteria/Parasites

          Food Sensitivities

          Mineral & Electrolyte Levels

          Heavy Metal Toxicity


          Vitamin Levels


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